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*located on the Statesboro campus

Like all other undergraduate students at Georgia Southern University, sport management majors receive a broad general education in humanities and fine arts, science, mathematics and technology, social science, and essential skills. The students then take the following six courses (18 hours) related to the major:
Courses Related to Major

  • SMGT 2130 Introduction to Sport Management
  • SMGT 2230 Social Issues in Sport
  • ACCT 2030 Survey of Accounting
  • STAT 2231 Introduction to Statistics I
  • Guided Elective (1000-2000 Level)

The undergraduate degree in sport management is based on a solid foundation in business administration. Therefore, a minor in business has been incorporated into the curriculum and students are required to take a core of four business courses (12 hours) that includes:
Business Minor Core

  • MKTG 3031 Principles of Marketing
  • MGNT 3130 Management & Organizational Behavior
  • FINC 3231 Principles of Corporate Finance
  • MGNT 3134 Behavior in Organizations

A 24-hour sport management core (8 courses) is required of all sport management majors. The courses included in the core are:
Sport Management Major Core

  • SMGT 3230 Economics of Sport
  • SMGT 3236 Financial Management of Sport
  • SMGT 3238 Management of Sport Organizations
  • SMGT 3330 Sport Promotion & Marketing
  • SMGT 4330 Facility & Event Management
  • SMGT 4336 Sport Business Operations
  • SMGT 4337 Legal Aspects of Sport
  • SMGT 4338 Sport Policy Development

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