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Nursing in Costa Rica

Students from the School of Nursing spent two weeks over the summer in Costa Rica participating in a yearly study abroad trip. Led by Marian Tabi, Ph.D., professor in the School of Nursing, students learned about the culture of Costa Rica through lectures, host families, site visits and service learning activities. Students were given the opportunity to experience personal growth, self-awareness, an appreciation for cultural differences and diversity by examining their experiences during the stay.

During their stay, students worked in local nursing homes and assisted in assessing the feet and nails of residents and taking blood pressures. Students toured the country, hiked waterfalls and a volcano, and zip lined through the rainforest.

Christiana Dube recalled getting to experience the culture of Costa Rica and being able to utilize her skills acquired at Georgia Southern University in a new environment. “Seeing the smiles on the patients’ faces when we completed our work at the end of the day was the most rewarding part of this entire experience,” stated Dube.

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