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Important Facts for Financial Aid Recipients

Transient Students

If students have transient permission from Georgia Southern University’s Registrar’s Office to take core courses at another institution, the Financial Aid Office can process a consortium agreement with the other school and process the student’s financial aid. Students must be prepared to pay the fees up front and get reimbursed after the semester is over. The disbursement of financial aid for that semester is done after the grades have been received and posted in our Registrar’s Office. Grades must be received within a reasonable time frame. If the funds are reconciled for the academic year (July 15th for HOPE, September 30th for federal aid) and the grades are received after that date, we can not disburse the aid. Note that UGA independent study allows students a full year to complete the course, but the student would have to complete it within the normal semester time frame in order to receive the financial aid.


Last updated: 11/2/2017

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