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Master of Science in Nursing – Chronic Care Management Curriculum

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Both synchronous (live, real-time) and asynchronous (on your own, not live) formats are used.  Most of the course work is asynchronous but live sessions are scheduled in selected online courses. Students should consult with individual course syllabi for specific live session requirements.

Please see the chart below for an example of the MSN Chronic Care Management Nursing Curriculum

* Below is an example of the curriculum. Course offerings may change as decided by the program director*
Course SubjectCourse NumberCourse TitleCredit HoursClinical Hours
NURS7110Scholarly Writing at the Graduate Level
NURS7121Theoretical Basis for Clinical Scholarship2
Nurs7122Research Design and Dissemination2
NURS 7128Epidemiology
NURS7130Health Policy Concerns in Delivery Systems3
NURS7141Pathophysiology and Differential Diagnosis3
NURS7142Advanced Pharmacology3
NURS 7143Advanced Health Assessment
NURS 7532Chronic Care Management I
NURS 7542Chronic Care Management II
NURS 7543Chronic Care Management III490
NURS 7710Advanced Health Assessment Clinical
NURS 9123Biomedical Ethics
Total Credit Hours 36
Total Clinical Hours 270
Fall Semester

NURS 7110 Scholarly Writing at the Graduate Level (1)

NURS 7122 Research Design and Dissemination (2)

NURS 7141 Pathophysiology and Differential Diagnosis (3)

NURS 7532 Chronic Care Management I (3)
Spring Semester

NURS 7142 Advanced Pharmacology (3)

NURS 7143 Advanced Health Assessment (3)

NURS 7710 Advanced Health Assessment Clinical (90 clinical hours) (1)
Summer Semester

NURS 7128 Epidemiology (2)

NURS 7135 Informatics (3)

NURS 9123 Biomedical Ethics (3)
Total Credits977
Fall Semester

NURS 7121 Theoretical Basis for Clinical Scholarship (2)

NURS 7542 Chronic Care Management II (90 clinical hours) (4)
Spring Semester

NURS 7130 Health Policy Concerns in Delivery Systems (3)

NURS 7543 Chronic Care Management Capstone (90 clinical hours) (4)
Total Credits67

Last updated: 6/23/2021