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Frequently Asked Questions for the Online RN to BSN Program

Online RN to BSN
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How long does it take to get a BSN if I have an Associate Degree in Nursing?

Because the program is designed for working registered nurses, it is recommended that you complete the program in 3-4 semesters, which is 1 -2 years.  Individual circumstances may be considered if a faster or slower pace is desired.

How many hours is the RN-BSN Program?

You will take a total of 8 nursing courses, which total 28 hours.

How important is my G.P.A. (grade point average)?

The minimum cumulative GPA for regular admission to the program is 3.0.  Provisional admission is available for a GPA of 2.70-2.99. 

I am an RN in another state;  must I have a GA RN License to apply?

Yes, a valid RN license with the State of Georgia is required or you must have a valid multi-state compact license.

How do I know what core classes will transfer to Georgia Southern University?

We cannot determine if your courses will transfer until you have been accepted to Georgia Southern, so your first step is to apply.  Once you have been accepted to the university and have applied to the RN-BSN program, we can evaluate your transcript.  In the meantime, you can determine if courses from your college have already been evaluated by looking at the transfer equivalency web site

What core classes must I take before I apply to the School of Nursing?

Applicants must have the following courses completed before applying:

Pre-Requisites for Areas D, Area  F and Area A-2 Math:

Must have completed the Area A math class, Area D lab science sequence (Chemistry preferred, Biology or Physics accepted) and statistics courses, and all Area F courses. There are courses that can be substituted for the Lifespan Development course and the Nutrition courses. Please check with RN-BSN program director before registering for either of those courses.

It is acceptable to apply to the program with 8-10 hours of other core remaining.

Georgia Southern Core requirements and RN-BSN Program Pre-requisites

Where do I take core classes?

Any system of Georgia College or University may offer the core courses you need.

Online core courses may be found at one of the following:

If I am finishing up my Associate Degree in Nursing and am scheduled to take the NCLEX before the application deadline, can I go ahead and apply?

Yes, if you have completed the required core courses and are otherwise eligible to apply, you may do so. Please note that in the event you are granted admission, it will be contingent upon verification of your RN License prior to the beginning of the semester.

How and when do I get credit for my Associate Degree nursing courses?

After 6 hours of nursing courses are completed successfully at Georgia Southern University, nursing courses totaling 29 hours are approved and credited to you.

What is the tuition rate for the RN-BSN Program?

Tuition and Fees charged by Georgia Southern University are approved by the University System of Georgia annually. Changes in tuition and fee rates are typically effective fall semester each year. The tuition and fees listed provide an estimate of tuition, fees, housing, meals, books and supplies. Actual costs are determined when a student registers for classes each semester and are based on student level, residency, credit hours, miscellaneous course fees, housing and meals.

Do I have to attend the SOAR orientation on campus?

Attendance at the RN-BSN orientation is mandatory, which substitutes for SOAR. You do not need to register or pay for SOAR.

Who do I contact if I have more questions regarding the RN-BSN program?

Dr. Sheri Carey, Program Director,

Last updated: 7/20/2021