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Online RN to BSN Progression Requirements

Online RN to BSN
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  1. All university requirements and core courses must be completed prior to or concurrent with the last semester of the program.  The final course in the program, NURS 4314, cannot be taken unless these requirements are met.
  2. RN-BSN students must earn a grade of “C” in all required nursing courses in the major in order to progress in the nursing program.
  3. For RN-BSN students admitted with provisional admission status must earn a grade of “B” in in the first 6 hours of required nursing courses in the major to progress in the program. Not meeting this criterion will result in dismissal from the program.
  4. Current CPR certification and active Professional RN Liability Insurance documentation when enrolled in clinical courses is required.
  5. Communication is expected throughout the program.  Any student who does not follow their plan of study and does not communicate with the program director after two semesters, will automatically be placed on inactive status and would need to reapply to the program to continue.
  6. After withdrawal from a nursing course for any reason, a student’s ability to continue or to progress in the nursing program will be contingent on a review of the student’s record and approval of the Student Affairs Committee (SAC). Also, progression will be based on space available in needed courses.
  7. If approved, a nursing student may repeat a required nursing course only one time.
    1. A student who earns a “D” or an “F” in a required nursing course and wishes to continue in the major, must write a letter directed to the RN-BSN director requesting permission to continue in the nursing major. Students should submit the letter a minimum of one week prior to the anticipated date of reentry to the program. Requests to repeat a course are considered by the School of Nursing SAC on an individual basis and the student is notified in writing of the decision of the Committee. If approval is granted, the student may repeat the course at its next offering, pending space availability.
    2. Approval for repeating a required nursing course and for progression in the nursing program is dependent on the reasons for unsuccessful performance in the course. Denial of a request to repeat a required nursing course will result in the dismissal of the student from the nursing program. The student will be notified in writing of the USAC decision.
    3. After two required nursing course failures, the student will be dismissed from the nursing program
  8. Dismissal from the nursing major does not affect the ability of the student to progress in another major at the University.
  9. Students must maintain active RN licensure throughout the program.  A lapsed license will result in the student being dropped from all courses that semester.  Re-enrollment into nursing courses is contingent upon renewal of the RN License.
  10. Strict adherence to the American Nurses’ Association Nursing: Scope & Standards of Practice is required of all nursing students.  Additionally, nursing students who are Registered Nurses are held accountable to the Georgia Nurse Practice Act for Registered Nurses.  Failure to comply with these professional standards will result in review and action by the School of Nursing faculty and could result in the student’s dismissal from the nursing program.

RN-BSN Course Placement

CourseCredit HoursSpringSummerFall
NURS 43011
Conceptual Basis of Nursing
NURS 4302
Health Assessment
NURS 4303
Complimentary Therapeutic Modalities
NURS 43103
Community Nursing
NURS 4311
Complex Nursing Care
NURS 43123
Nursing Leadership
NURS 4313
Nursing Research
NURS 43142
Critical Analysis of Nursing Concepts
1-Course must be taken first semester in program (may take NURS 4302-4313 concurrently)
2-Course must be taken last semester in program (may take NURS 4302-4313 concurrently)
3-Course has 60 hour clinical component
Program may be completed full time in 2 semesters or student may take as long as 5 years to complete

For additional information see the Student Handbook.

Last updated: 6/28/2021