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Center for Nursing Scholarship & Research (CNSR)

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What is Scholarship?

AACN definition: Scholarship in nursing can be defined as those activities that systematically advance the teaching, research and practice of nursing through rigorous inquiry that:

  1. Is significant to the profession
  2. Is creative
  3. Can be documented
  4. Can be replicated or elaborated
  5. Can be peer-reviewed through various methods.

Mission of the CNSR

The Center for Nursing Scholarship and Research (CNSR) supports research efforts and scholarly activities of School of Nursing (SON) faculty, staff, and students.

Its primary functions are to enhance research productivity and to assist faculty, staff, and students in securing external funding to support research endeavors, manuscript production, statistical consultation, and faculty research mentoring for faculty success in the scholarship/research mission.

Services Offered

  • Facilitation of faculty scholarship achievement and research goals through evaluation and planning of scholarship/research
  • Development and dissemination of all forms of scholarship from concept development to copy-editing with peer review
  • Presentation and poster design and production support
  • Consultations through webinars and workshops on computer skills, support of research design, statistics, literature searches, and manuscript and grant writing
  • Coordination with the Office of Research Services and Sponsored Programs (ORSSP)
  • Assistance with proposal development and identification of potential funding sources for educational and research grants through research consultants
  • Pre-submission grant review to enhance the competitiveness of proposals
  • Budget development support
  • Collaborative and inter-professional research and other scholarly projects support services
  • Group meeting space coordination
  • Instrumentation of development procedures from item construction through factor analysis
  • Consultation for study design, data analysis, and management. Assistance with data analysis
  • General data management and interpretation through statistical liaisons
  • Planning, implementation, and evaluation of research projects and educational programs

Last updated: 6/23/2021