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Poster Printing Requests


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  1. Create poster in either PowerPoint (PPT, PPTX) or PDF format.
    • Convert poster to PDF before submitting.
    • Poster must be created to the height and width requested. We will not re-scale or re-size (due to skewed images and decreased poster quality).
    • Ensure preservation of page format dimensions in all PDF documents before submission.
    • When designing in PowerPoint, never “copy and paste” image graphics into your file; always “insert as picture” for better sizing/quality.
    • The printer does not allow for full-bleed prints. Leave margins of at least 0.5 inches on each side of the print job.
  2. Proof poster for typographical and grammatical errors.
  3. Submit file for printing two (2) full business days in advance of when it is needed.
    • The body of the message should contain:
      • The date that the poster is needed
      • The requested size of the poster
      • Whether the poster will be laminated or not, as there is special paper necessary for printing
      • A contact phone number
    • Submit file as an attachment to the email.
  4. Upon receipt of email, the Center for Nursing Scholarship and Research will review request.
    • If any issues are found in the request, the requestor will be asked to make any corrections before resubmitting. Please remember: If resubmission is necessary, it will delay your poster completion time. Leave enough time for edits.
    • If all information in the request is correct, the poster will be printed and the requestor will be notified, via email, of completion and pickup availability.

Please Note

The use of any University logo must be requested through University Communications and Marketing: 912-478-6397 or via e-mail at: Please see the University Communication and Marketing’s message on University logos and the University Identification Standards Guide for how to use logos.

Unofficial logos will not be supported.

Last updated: 1/12/2021