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Karl E. Peace Center for Biostatistics

Karl E. Peace Center for Biostatistics

The Karl E. Peace Center for Biostatistics functions as a technical operations support center to University and to the external community engaged in health-related research, particularly in the areas of pharmaceutical drug, device, or biologics research and development. Support and services provided address all phases of the research process, including research planning (research design, sample size determination, data collection form design, protocol development, etc.), data management, statistical analysis, interpretation of the results, and report/manuscript development.


The Karl E. Peace Center for Biostatistics will be glad to help:
Assess research objectives and operations
Consult on statistical methods
Design experiments, surveys, clinical trials and protocols
Provide clinical development plans, statistical analysis plans and/or regulatory strategies
Design and develop data collection instruments
Design and implement databases
Provide data management, oversee and/or perform data entry
Create a statistical analysis plan and perform the appropriate statistical analysis and sample size calculations
Conduct simulation techniques
Conduct Monte Carlo methods of approximation, including MCMC and Gibbs Sampler
Provide interim and final documents reporting the results and interpretation of experiments, surveys and clinical trials
Contact Us
The Karl E. Peace Center for Biostatistics
Haresh Rochani, Dr.P.H., M.P.H., M.B.B.S.
Jiann-Ping Hsu College of Public Health
Georgia Southern University
Hendricks Hall, Office 1011
PO Box: 8015
Statesboro, GA 30460
Phone: 912-478-1011
Fax: 912-478-2479

Statistical Consulting Unit


The Statistical Consulting Unit (SCU) consists of seven faculty members from the Department of Mathematical Sciences. The faculty of the SCU have demonstrated excellence relevant to the missions of Georgia Southern University and already had a major impact in the areas of mathematical statistics, statistical process control, multivariate statistical analysis, categorical data analysis, stochastic processes, clinical trials and reliability through their basic and applied research program and interactions with the university community and other institutions. The SCU develops statistical, mathematical and computational capabilities that directly contribute to further interdisciplinary interactions with scientists in other research and regional institutions as well as in the private sector and governmental agencies.

Extensive experience in high quality consulting is provided in the following areas:
  1. Design of Experiments and Analysis of Studies
  2. Survey Sampling/Design
  3. Statistical Quality Control and Reliability
  4. Non-parametric Modeling
  5. Data Analysis and Reporting
  6. Statistical Training Workshops
  7. Categorical Data Analysis
  8. Multivariate Data Analysis
Unit Library

The SCU maintain a small library of SAS/STAT User’s Guides, SPSS Reference Guides, journals and periodicals in the areas of statistics, biostatistics and computing.


Goals of the SCU
  1. Provide outreach programs and avenues to enhance and improve the use of sound statistical principles among Georgia Southern University community, industries and governmental agencies by providing expertise in basic applied statistical research;
  2.  Strengthening interdisciplinary faculty research programs among faculty within the statistical unit and increase interactions with faculty members in other research and regional universities;
  3. Advance scientific knowledge in statistical sciences using advanced computational tools and developing new strategies and techniques for the applications of mathematical and statistical science research to a wide range of areas including education, psychology, engineering, and health related problems;
  4. Develop an interdisciplinary graduate program in applied statistical sciences and related areas;
  5. Provide high quality consulting, training and experimental basis for new teaching materials and methods with the goal of increasing the number of minorities underrepresented in mathematical and statistical sciences and related areas.

The SCU at Georgia Southern University also provides professional solutions to statistical problems by the application of practical experience to a wide range of areas and settings.

Impact on Georgia Southern and Beyond

There are several important ways SCU impacts the Georgia Southern University, regional professional community and beyond:

  • As an intellectual stimulus,
  • As an interdisciplinary forum, and
  • As a resource to the Georgia Southern University campus and broader academic community.

Computing Facility Statistical packages such as SPSS, Minitab, R and SAS are installed on Pentium machines. The unit also provides training and workshops on the use of standard statistical packages.


By-Appointment Consulting

Consulting supports our teaching, graduate students, relationship with campus, the greater Statesboro community, Southeast Georgia and the outside world. Services at the SCU are by appointment only.

Please bring a completed service request form, and any other information that is pertinent to your project to the initial session.

  • Charles W. Champ, Professor
  • Broderick O. Oluyede, Professor and Director
  • Patricia Humphrey, Associate Professor
  • Andrew Sills, Associate Professor
  • Anna Oganyan, Associate Professor
  • Arpita Chatterjee, Assistant Professor
  • Tharanga Wickramarachchi, Assistant Professor
  • Stephen Carden, Assistant Professor
Student Consultation Also Available


Friday Afternoon Faculty Consultation Available by Appointment

Please fill out the service request form and contact the SCU for more information.


Last updated: 11/7/2018

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