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Pre-Award Timeline

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Timetable based on learning of proposal options 3-4 months prior to submission. If less time (a likely event) is available, earlier steps are modified, but still functional.

12 weeks before
  • Write first draft of aims & methods
  •  Schedule meeting with ORSSP within 2 weeks
  •  Schedule meeting with CNSR
11 weeks before
  • Work with Chair to make sure PI & staff are paid on departmental budget for % FTE spent working on grant proposal
10 weeks before
  • Start developing budget
8 weeks before
  • Request letters of support, letters of agreement and Biosketches
4 weeks before
  • Finish collecting all completed Biosketches
  • Submit nearly final draft of research plan for review by CNSR
3 weeks before
  • Finish appendices / attachments
  • Finish collecting letters of support
  • Finish all forms to be submitted
  • Finish almost-final draft, send to Chair & CNSR
10 days before
  • Submit all final draft documents and attachments to CNSR for final review.
  • Notify ORSSP when final reviewed version is complete for uploading (at least 5 working days prior to submission deadline)
Due DateDue at Sponsor Agency

Last updated: 6/28/2021