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Tactical Athlete Certificate (TAC)

The Tactical Athlete Certificate is covered by credentialing assistance.

The Tactical Athlete Certification is comprised of 3 courses aimed at teaching injury prevention principles in an effort to decrease injury risk and maximize physical performance. Each 3-credit hour course is delivered via didactic and lab based instruction and lasts 3 weeks. There are no GPA/SAT requirements for this certificate.

Touches upon 3 or the 5 pillars of the H2F initiative…Programming, Personnel and Leader Education


Required Courses Include:

REHAB 3001
Tactical Athlete Basic Course (no prerequisites)

RHAB 3002
Tactical Athlete Trainer Course (prerequisite RHAB 3001)

REHAB 3003
Tactical Athlete Programming Course (prerequisite RHAB 3001 and RHAB 3002)

Course Schedule:

September 14-October 3, 2020RHAB 3001 Basic Course
October 5-October 24, 2020RHAB 3001 Basic Course
November 20-November 21, 2020`RHAB 3001 Basic Course
January 11-January 30, 2020RHAB 3001 Basic Course

RHAB 3002 Trainer Course
February 8-February 27, 2020RHAB 3001 Basic Course
March 22-April 10, 2020RHAB 3001 Basic Course
April 12-May 1, 2020RHAB 3002 Trainer Course

RHAB 3003 Programming Course


Nancy Henderson, PT, Ph.D., DPT, OCS, Cert MDt


Last updated: 6/17/2020